By choosing our car rental service, customers will experience the best service and 8 gold standards in the Limousine car line, including:
✔️ Duy Khang Limousine uses a fleet of premium 5-star standard cars to ensure safety on all roads.
✔️ We commit to picking up and dropping off customers at the right place without any detours.
✔️ Each person has their own seat, according to the Limousine’s 11-seat limit.
✔️ Free mineral water and cold towels throughout the journey.
✔️ Fully equipped with Wifi 4G, charging ports, LED TV, and vibrant sound system.
✔️ No price hikes, even during holidays or festivals.
✔️ Drivers are carefully selected, ensuring safety, enthusiasm, and responsibility for Duy Khang Limousine customers.
✔️ Luxurious and comfortable interior, with 5-star standard sophistication.